The province of Gostria sits on the eastern side of the southern island, and has a relatively temperate climate and rich soil well-suited for farmland. The capital city for the province is Weidelle, along the eastern coast.

Gostria produces the vast majority of the vegetables for the Kingdom, as well as grazing pasture for livestock. While not as good of fishing grounds as the coast of Greot, the reefs in Coral Bay are rich in shellfish. The pearls harvested there are the highest value luxury item exported by Gostrian merchants.

Gostria is ruled by the Bartholomew family. The title of Count is traditionally passed down to the first born child, male or female. In the few occasions when a Count has died childless, the population of the province votes for the replacement. The family’s estate is located on a bluff overlooking the ocean, east of the Weidelle city walls.

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