The Kingdom of Vandestria is an island nation in the center of the Dunkelian Sea. Comprised of two main islands, the Kingdom is split into 7 provinces. Separated into regions roughly by geography, every province has a general specialization and role in supporting the Kingdom as a whole.

Map of the Kingdom

Heurl is the location of the Kingdom’s capital city, and the center of trade with other nations. The Melechi royal family lives here as well.
Gostria is home to the majority of the farmland in the Kingdom, and is the starting point for the campaign. Food crops as well as herd animals cover the province.
Skir is the southernmost point of the Kingdom. The residents are known across many Kingdoms for their breweries and distilleries.
Ruga is mostly marshland, but is the center of production of textiles. Most apothecaries in the Kingdom are also located here.
Greot is a long, thin province along the coastline of the northern island. They handle the Kingdom’s fishing fleet and canneries.
Gespind is comprised almost entirely by a mountain range running the length of the northern island. Mines, refineries, and other industrial activities abound.
Torving is the northernmost province of the Kingdom, and is covered in wilderness. The residents are expert hunters, trappers, and tanners.


Each province is ruled by a Count or Countess, with the exception of the capital district of Heurl, which houses the royal family. When the Kingdom was discovered and founded centuries ago by Alric Melechi, he appointed a Count for every province but allowed them to decide on their own how the title was passed from then on. The Kingship itself is hereditary within the Melechi family, and has remained unbroken since King Alric set foot on the islands. The current King of Vandestria is Aldous Melechi.

While ruled ostensibly by the King, there is a parliament comprised of 5 representatives from each province that actually determine the laws of the land. Two representatives are chosen directly by each Count (or the King, in the case of Heurl), the other three are elected by a populous vote within each province.


The Vandestrian military is known as the Obsidian Legion. The Legion is split in three branches. The navy patrols the waters around the islands, the standing army is tasked with defense of the nation, and the militia handles policing the lands and upholding the law. In times of war, the army and navy can conscript from the population.

Every province has a barracks, housing a regiment of the army, as well as several militia outposts and a garrison along the coast as a stopping point for the naval fleet.


There is no official state-sponsored deity from within the pantheon. King Alric was a firm believer in law and order, however. His brother Truman founded the Order of Qor’Thal to spread this belief throughout the Kingdom. The Order has chapels devoted to the worship of most Lawful dieties in every town, a monastery in the capital city of every province, and a large abbey outside the Kingdom capitol of Haupstahl, in the province of Heurl.


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