The Kingdom of Vandestria is split into seven provinces, each managed and maintained by a Count or Countess. Our story starts in the province of Gostria.

For generations, the Bartholomew family has ruled Gostria. Under their guidance, the province has prospered for all, from the farmers and craftsmen to the merchant class and lower nobility stationed there. While other provinces have seen war, Gostria has maintained peace. During times of famine, Gostria was known as a center of agricultural stability, lending food to their struggling neighbor states.

Count Heinrich Bartholomew is the most recent holder of the title in Gostria. Heinrich and his wife Adelaide had two children. Their daughter Mathilde is the eldest, having just turned 14. Adelaide died during childbirth of their son Gerhardt 6 years ago.

It is the night of Mathilde’s birthday. Colonel Gregor, Heinrich’s twin brother, hasn’t been seen at the keep for over a year, having headed across the province on a recruiting trip. Bishop Mandru has staged a coup and Count Heinrich has just been murdered.

Where are you when this happens? You’re in the jail under the keep. Your life just got a bit more complicated.

The Bartholomew Legacy

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